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Earlier this year, Donald Miller released his new book, Business Made Simple: 60 Days to Master Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Execution, Management, Personal Productivity and More.

Being a big “Building a Storybrand”/Miller fan, I recently watched a long form interview about the key concepts and take-aways from his latest release.

Comments I was nodding to:

  • Get your priority activities done early in the day (this happens to suit my preference)
    • However, do what works best for you (Take “Are you a lark/owl” quiz)
  • Focus effort on priorities
  • The other person is the hero
  • Keep it simple
  • Focus on investment and growth
  • “Do not choose to be confused”
  • Communication is the most important skill as a professional

Comments that got a “Cat Say What?”

  • In order to focus and do deep work, “Work in a cement bunker without windows!”  
    • This might work best for some, and not for others
    • Looking out windows/ walking/wandering often helps people do their best creative work
  • “Humans as numbers-based, value-driven professionals who are simply an economic investment …” is a business-centered philosophy where Outputs and Money are the priorities. 
    • That’s a ‘no’ from this Cat
  • “Focus on ‘de-escalating drama…drama costs money!”
    • How about learning to understand where the ‘drama’ is coming from? 
    • As a leader, what are you doing or not doing that is contributing to it and enabling it in the workplace? 
    • What else might be going on? What else might support the person?
  • “Have a bias towards action”
    • How about a bias towards action + reflection + action + reflection, etc.
  • This book is about “Mastering the complex nuances of leadership, sales, marketing, execution, management and personal productivity and more in 60 days”
    • Cat says “nope”
    • Mastery in these areas is often a lifelong journey of ups and downs, success and mistakes, ongoing adaptation and perpetual maintenance practices

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