Author. Speaker.
Mental Health Strategist.
Leadership Expert.
Counsellor. Coach.


Catherine, M.Psych, P.C.C., is a highly sought human-centred leadership expert and mental health strategist. With the practical application of sustainable and measurable evidence-based biopsychosocial practices, she helps professionals adapt, perform and thrive. Catherine has decades of experience as a corporate leader and entrepreneurial business owner. She is the founder and president of Revelios, a mental health strategy company.

In our current age of distraction and disconnection, Catherine helps you connect mental health with performance, specializing in the music industry.

Catherine is available for non-clinical counselling and coaching, advisory, and consulting for individuals, teams, and organizations..


Catherine has written, recorded, and performed original songs for 30 years. It is a deep part of who she is.

She strives to improve our collective mental health literacy and social fitness through education, reducing stigma, and facilitating open, courageous conversations. Over the past several years, Catherine has been active in illuminating the unique mental health challenges experienced by Canadian music industry professionals and is currently a trusted advisor to several national and international non-profit music organizations.


In her book, Three Colors, Twelve Notes: The Alchemy of Curiosity, Creativity, and Human-Centered Leadership, Catherine shares personal stories as an artist, business leader, and regular human to show us why trying new things and staying curious should be a lifelong pursuit. She also invites the reader to participate in reflections of their own. Reconnect with your inner confidence and creativity and rediscover your best while bringing out the best in others.

Catherine also shares regular writings about how to optimize the human experience through articles, posts and research-based papers.

Working with Catherine