Cultivating curiosity
is a fundamental practice towards developing

Catherine Harrison – Author of Three Colors, Twelve Notes

Introducing the Anti-Stigma Starter Kit, a short masterclass that examines how stigma in the workplace negatively impacts us all.


Three Colors, Twelve Notes is a memoir and a guidebook for the curious and those who want to learn how to cultivate a reflective mindset. Catherine Harrison shares personal stories as an artist, business leader, and regular human to show us why trying new things should be a lifelong pursuit. She also invites the reader to participate in reflections of their own.

Reconnect with your inner confidence and creativity and rediscover the best in yourself while bringing out the best in others.


As a highly sought out performance behaviour change consulting agency, Catherine’s company, Purple Voodoo, helps your business adapt, perform and thrive. In our current age of distraction and disconnection, you and your teams feel connected, proficient, inspired and grounded. Purple Voodoo supports you every step of the way.


Catherine has been writing songs, recording and performing for 30 years. It is a deep part of who she is.

It also helps her connect creatively in her business life. What is music but a connection of heart, mind, and soul based human stories?

"Humans make the thing, sell the thing, buy the thing. No humans, no business."

Catherine doesn’t just talk about creativity and curiosity—she lives it. She is a human-centered leadership expert, author, certified professional coach, strategic connector of dots  and successful entrepreneur. A multi-disciplinary artist, musician, and songwriter, she is also a fierce environmentalist, mother, recovering corporate animal, meditator, ardent roamer of paths, and lifelong learner.

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