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Three Colors, Twelve Notes
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“I believe that whole human beings show up in the workplace and in communities. It’s important to uncover, discover, and celebrate the different aspects of oneself to bring the best self to whatever effort—including work—you are investing energy in. Taking the time to get to know yourself, and all your messiness, helps you openly and honestly get to know others, and all their messiness. This leads to better relationships­—in families, communities, organizations, and nations. An open, curious mind is a vital ingredient to a
rich life. Deepening a habit of reflection in one’s own life supports the integration of reflection and aligned action in one’s professional life, a critical leadership skill for the 21st century.

Ultimately, I hope you find this collection of words and stories and invitations meaningful, inspiring, provocative and enjoyable.”

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My little corner of the world wide web where I share my experiences, commentary, and reflections.


Death by Virtual Meeting

Meetings used to suck. They sucked up our time, our energy, and our resources. We spent most of our days in meetings, going from one