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Human Centred Leadership

What really turns me on is seeing how a subtle shift can be life changing. We don’t have to make massive, wholesale changes to drive meaningful, measurable and sustainable improvements. Small, implementable changes can make or break a life, and what is a business but a collection of human lives working toward a common goal?

Want to change the world of work?

We help you adapt, perform, and thrive.

“My passion is helping leaders and their teams reconnect to their humanness by cultivating curiosity, a reflective mindset and lifelong learning.”

Catherine Harrison (President)


You run a successful business. Your employees are engaged and motivated to do their best work.

In our current age of disruption and distraction, you and your team feel connected, proficient, inspired, and grounded. They are productive, agile and efficient. They exhibit accountability and collaborative teamwork.

Your customers notice. You feel confident, competent, in touch – you are making a difference.

Human behaviour and business results are more interconnected than you might think.

Our thoughtful, straightforward and engaging approach guides participants through the process of discovery, awareness, identification of clear goals and objectives, and creation of well-articulated strategic action plans. We help you and your teams navigate the ever-changing demands of your workplace. We:

Help you identify gaps & opportunities

Plan a strategy to make it happen

Co-create and deliver solutions

Measure it and make it stick


Our genetics, physiology, and any medical conditions or illnesses we may have.


Our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, as well as any mental health conditions we may have.


Our relationships, social support networks, and the social and cultural context in which we live.

"Humans make the thing, sell the thing, buy the thing. No humans, no business."

Catherine doesn’t just talk about creativity and curiosity—she lives it. She is a human-centered leadership expert, author, certified professional coach, strategic connector of dots  and successful entrepreneur. A multi-disciplinary artist, musician, and songwriter, she is also a fierce environmentalist, mother, recovering corporate animal, meditator, ardent roamer of paths, and lifelong learner.